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Wow! I can't believe I haven't posted anything since mid December. HAPPY NEW YEAR! everybody. I hope you spent it with the people you love. I hope the new year brings many fortunes and positive outcomes in your many endeavors.

This post is just one of twenty that I'm trying to do so that my last god-awful illustration I uploaded called "storyboard" disappears from the the main page of my blog. I should just remove it, but i don't because it's a part of reality in movies that people enjoy watching. Well, maybe not as crudely depicted as I attempted to draw a couple in a doggy-style position, but I can't draw worth a damn anymore because I've neglected practicing drawing exercises for learning how to do stuff on my computer.

I'm anxious to save up for an external drive that I can hook up to my 'puter so that i can configure it as a RAID device. I'm going to need you guys to wish me luck on that one. The irony is that I want to upgrade my computer this way so that I can make fancier designs with drawing software (Adobe Illustrator and PhotoShop).

Did I mention I have come out with a new e-zine? I've saved it in PDF format. The file is only 264KB, a very short read. You can download it for free by following thru to this link

I try to produce no less than one e-zine per year because I think of it as a business strategy in which the board of equalization requires small businesses to turn a profit at least 3 years out of 5. In other words, if a person is self employed and runs a creative design business, in order to reap the benefits which the government offers for small business owners, the individual has to show that his (or her) business will, in five years, make enough money to stay in business at least 3 out of the five years. I take that to mean that I can work my ass off on year one, then take a whole year off and work my ass off again the year after that.

Pilcrow News”, you read it here first.

  I won't refuse anybody's money if they submit their contributions for a hard copy
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