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On network TV news (1 wk ago)

      News about a k-12 school somehow became the subject of news to hundreds of viewers' interest. The actual topic? sorry, I forgot; but when I listened and saw the school principal addressing her students, shock is all I can describe how I felt. I was bewildered and in a query about whether her speech might not have been what indirectly prompted a reporter to cover the event.

"… as I look at the rainbow of faces (before me)"

I wonder if addressing a group of students this way might meet equal acceptance had this sentence been worded differently.

"… as I look upon the culturally diverse faces (before me)"

      Only because somebody told me some that rainbows are symbolic to gay communities, does this choice of wording disturb me. I mean, schools in general rub me the wrong way. Same sex oriented partnerships aren`t what's at issue here and it's not what I'm about. Give me an opportunity to stick it to an education system and I'll take it. So, homosexuality being a controversy IMO, it seems that educators (at that particular unkwn school) are more willing to accept homosexuality together with different cultural backgrounds. Though far fetched, most would simply discard the questionable verse as misinterpretation. After all, I didn't even know that the gay community considered rainbow colors as their flag.

      The real reason I am more than glad to sabotage a school this way, besides my own gripes against lack of teaching skills & degree disbursements, is because the education systems seems closed to diverse methods of communication thru script. There isn't a school that I know of that will accept male students covered in make-up (especially now that many public schools demand a dress code). Students who submit their class work in a script that's totally foreign to an educator, who's own preferred method of reading a paper is in current handwriting, would be flunked if the title to their essay was printed in Old English script. Imagine what would happen if some gothic dude comes to class with contact lenses designed to give the impression of cat's eyes, or some other unique trait. It would be suspension time. Punk rockers can't dye their hair, black lipstick is prohibited, and eye shadow in red, white and blue could also be unacceptable.
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