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Bier de Stone

Gosh darn it!

So much anxiety at work. The boss is finally fed up with the crap her employees bitch about. Petty little things, she says. Well, I have to say that if the powers that be wouldn't complain about the petty little things, like how to place a book into a bin so that the spine is positioned at the center of the bin (back to back against another book), or the petty little thing about charging people money for replacing their library card, perhaps us lowly clerks would be ok with accepting the differing views from coworkers so that none of the petty little disputes taking place on her watch ever reach her ears. It use to be so easy before. Now we have to create the charge in the computer database for the individual whose replacing their card, then go back in and erase it as it is paid for not five minutes later. WTF!? How many times have I forgotten to do that? I mean WTFUCKING FUCKED-UP FUCK?! What else? Hmm?

There's that thing about returning books and writing all fines onto the record only to be removed seconds later as the fine is paid off. No friends or family allowed inside the staff only area. The biggest minor detail which falls under a petty little thing is the barcoding of paperback books. A paperback book is 15cm, but a paperback book which is 16+cm can be a hardback linked to a fully functioning bibliographic record, but! a pamphlet from the children's collection of books, and/or a paperback from same section, can be whatever the librarian in charge for that section wants it to be.

Oh, from now on, when people get mad at us clerks because we don't let them have their way, if they become abusive, we must get the boss involved. That means reliving the whole unpleasant scene over again as if reciting a play-by-play. Uh, the luck in the restroom must be turned all the way, otherwise the boss might unsuspectingly walk in on somebody while they're peeing.

The boss has restricted the use of personal laptops at the office. That means, I won't be meeting my six o'clock entry deadline. I knew this would happen. No chewing gum. No web surfing on office computers, and for the mothers in the office, no bring your child to work days. Ever. Not even as a patron.


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