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If I could make any film I wanted, I would bring to my audience a story in the fly-on-the-wall perspective. In other words, I would film the story, the dialog, the plot with the regular three act structure, conflicts, etc., but the one thing I would change is that for each scene, a specific camera angle would not stray from the POV of a common housefly.

I get tired of watching movies and TV shows that cut from one scene to a completely different scene some place else in the immediate setting. It gets to a point sometimes that I don't whether or not we've cut to a commercial break. My solution would be to instil in the audience a sense that they watching footage as scene by a fly. The next obstacle, however, would be how to link scenes which would make time and space travel for a fly impossible. This is where it gets science fictiony. You see, the flies communication what they see to their brethren fly. I don't know how they do it, may they use blue tooth technology, who really cares. The point is, old flies are able to pass on what they've learned from characters in the movie to younger and livelier flies.

It's really quite strange.

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