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I can't find my CD

It's happened again. I seem to have misplaced another CD. This time it's The best of Elvis Costello: the first 10 years, but the weird thing about it is this: I usually back up the CDs I buy so that I have a digital copy of it. As far as I can see, both of the CD's I've misplaced were not backed up. All I have left of any evidence that I once owned them is an empty jewel case, a CD jacket, and maybe a receipt in a shoebox. The first time this happened was with CRADLE OF FILTH - Damnation and a day. I have my suspicions about how that one disappeared, but how strange that these would be few missing discs that I buy and absent mindedly (or procrastinated) forgot to back up in MP3 format. And of all the songs I wanted to listen to, from the Elvis Costello CD, it had to be Watching the detectives, didn't it.

The more I try to apply fingers to fret in the tabs I've put together for page one of that song, the more anxious I am to listen to that track (from the 70's) because honest to god, I'm totally lost in the rhythm aspect of trying to play it. I pulled up a bunch of youtube videos  and I like the live stage performance versions of Watching the detectives because I can check the fret positions EC uses, which BTW are totally different from what I have.

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