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Oopsy, dropped my laptop. But look what I can do for sinister, 'unholy alliance' type crosses

Remember those commercials about the new titanium MacBook Pro computers? They are so durable, you can drop them and they'll still work. I don't know who might find it comforting to test this theory out, but I just dropped my laptop, damn it! I'm writing this entry on it, so I'm assuming it still works. I checked the little built in camera and that still works. There doesn't seem to be any cracks (leaks) in the LCD display. I guess Mac laptops really can be dropped.

I work in an all female environment, or at least that's how it feels sometimes because there's a clique of girls who love nothing more than gossip the whole day thru. One of them sells Avon, so you know she's like a chick magnet for all the other customers who come in for regular business purposes. It can be quite insane and difficult to breathe as all the estrogen that emanates from their small group fills the room. I'm walking out to the public counter to settle in for the next couple hours of work and I find that they've all decided to gather to flabber jaw while the timing is right. Well, I'm stupified and drop my laptop.

I say it still works because I'm able to type this entry on el-jay, but computers can be a very complicated electronic device. For instance, I found a neat little website  that can convert anything you type upside down. Really cool, right? Well, I've been searching for ways to do this for the longest time, and when I found it, I immediately recalled some of the brain archives that I keep in my head for keeping myself occupied on boring days. Shockingly enough, I was able to pull up the very reason I've been wanting to find an on-line converting program to flip my text. I thought it would be cool to manipulate daggers (†) whenever I need a footnote symbol so that it appears like an upside down cross. Sadly, it doesn't work. So, is my computer really in functioning properly?

I'm using a vertical line, hex code 257d, with a strike thru tag. I know it's an ugly inverted cross which resembles more of a plus sign, but it's all my laptop is capable of with the bump on its head. Fortunately, it fell on a carpeted floor. I don't recommend coming near gossip groups that expel high amounts of estrogen when they're gossiping. ganked from h4gfish
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