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Photo caption erratum for SLAYER'S Bloody Template in LAWeekly

As far as I'm concerned, the article in this week's LAWeekly which mentions Slayer's American Carnage tour for next year came to a halt as my brain does a complete flip within my skull trying to figure out how the photo captions labeling Dave Lombardo could be the subject for fubar coding.

<h5>Steve Appleford</h5>
   <a href="/photoGallery/?gallery=777938" title="" alt="">
    <img src="" alt="Araya">

   <h5>Steve Appleford</h5>
   <a href="/photoGallery/?gallery=777938" title="" alt="">
    <img src="" alt="Lombardo">

By following the image link to the file above, one can plainly see that the "alt" spec for the url is labeled incorrectly as being the image of Dave. The article emphasizes the 30 year music career behind Slayer as it goes on to describe their style and the bands they were inspired by themselves. So, when I see the captions under the pix, I can't help but think WRONG; or else, have I been thinking all these years that the drummer is really the axe man, and vice-a-versa?

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