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tendinitis v. carpal tunnel

      I couldn't write anymore. Writing simply felt as though my arm had fallen asleep. I could last for hours writing when I was young(er). I felt useless to the world and yet, when I sat myself down to attempt to write, all I could feel at the first inkling of creativity, is that I should be known in the end as the man who wrote the most concise suicide letter. And that, only if you can call me a man; for I still feel like an adolescent. I don't think about the future far enough in advance to responsibly consider myself independent. I'm still the hi-school drop out who doesn't care about college, getting a job, etc.
      If it isn't one thing, it's something else. At one high point in my achievements dabbling in calligraphy, I find I need finger sleeves to cushion my writing finger. I`d been developing dryness, fish-eye red dot irritations (BTW, I'm still eager to draft my own degree for AA or BA equivalent diplomas) so all you graduates who're feeling sorry for me right now, please reply by sending word for word text as it's printed on your AA-degree AND I have a spare finger glove that I'm willing to let go for $1.00 as I made it a slight bit large.
      I did some gardening shoveling dirt, spraying mist, and whatever else I must've done with my right hand that has me wondering if the dish washing accident which resulted in five stitches on my index finger might have something to do with the loss of strength to my grip. Come Friday, I'll only be able to use my left hand for B women's butts if and when their attire lacks some greenery. I don't mean anything chauvinistic by this. It's just my preference to pinch curvy butts rather than muscular ones. My right hand could feel like a feather.
Something's wrong with my muse too. But the book I'm reading is very good. I'm only on page fifty-something and I'm convinced this won't be one that I drop midstream. I MEANT MOUSE, you know. Now it's RAM!
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