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Today, yesterday, I thought I crashed my computer and would need to install all my fun software. Troubleshooting is the pits. I wanted to make a pizza after work for dinner, but it's just as well I didn't. I wasn`t so hungry after the retirement party at work. Some people are so lucky.

I still have yet to discover what I have and don`t have on my computer since the big wipe out. It`s just my desktop was so cluttered, I was beginning to squint at all the items just to read the titles of the files. I owe this massive spring cleaning to Vanilla-pudding which helped me unsuccessfully install their program onto my system. (I`ll never try that again.) I still believe it`s a good philosophy (wiki) in that computer users should have administration skills and know how their machine works… if only just to see what all the hype is about that makes their machines run. I`ll never figure it out though. Better things on my mind.

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