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Will the real Leecha please stand up

Leecha started working here about a couple years ago. She had/has stories about working in another part of town within the same department (library). One of them involves the problem patron who takes their misery to a personal level against the innocent bystander of employees. Leecha went on to describe one particular person that she absolutely refused to help and would seek assistance from co-workers.

When I listened to her description of the situation transpiring between the aggravated customer and herself, I felt her decision was well justified. Today, two fat women who've been rude by calling me an asshole walk in. I decide to request a bathroom break the moment they walk up for assistance. I imagine them to be the lowest form of cretin on the genetics scale. Their ugliness being a direct result of fast living and freelance gigs as hoochie gals for casitas. I can't help feeling like a spoiled little crybaby when I complain about scenarios in which name calling takes place because there are much harsher words to be called in the dictionary of profanity than the word asshole. My biggest problem with such a minor insult is that I'm working in a library. There is no room to retort to offensive language here.

While there are people who are probably suffering greater abuse in night clubs, casinos, and hot spots, there is considerable climate difference where blowing off the offender is easier to achieve. You are probably familiar with the sign "We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone." I doubt anyone will ever see a sign like that in a government run department. I don't mind it anymore having to relive the incident between the two ugly fat women anymore if what I can get out of it is flexibility to refuse service to them. It's something new to me as I never had any problem with the customer before. I've had my share of disagreements and inflamed patrons but never to the point of conditions being taken to a personal level where name calling takes place.

For those prior incidences where problem customers try to get the best of you by pressing your buttons, I imagine that they are relatives of my ex-gf whom I might've had to tolerate had I gone thru with actually staying together and marrying her. What that means is, most of the problem patrons take the form of being Salvi. I find that when I visualize these recognized patrons, I'm very tolerant of their aggravating characteristics as I've never quite gotten over my ex-gf. Gawd, I have gotten to the point of missing them when I don't see them because I convince myself that if they visit the place where I work, my ex may not be far.
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