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The girl who played with fire

I've updated a previous entry I made about the bookmark I used when I was reading the book Girl with a dragon tattoo. When I began reading this book, I couldn't help but wonder what year the story takes place. I'm sure I commented on it in one of the many lj entries I've written here. I just can't find it. Now that I've begun part 2, Girl who played with fire, it's become clear that the year I thought this story takes place in was wrong.

Despite what the chapter headings indicate in part 1 and 2, I thought it might be easy to clarify when the story actually takes place by matching days of the week with the month and the date. I'm well into part two (page 200), and I'm finding that taking on this little project of clarifying the year in which this whole plot is supposed to have happened just reminds me of how fictitious the novel really is.

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