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Christian "DEATH" Metal???

      I know… curiosity killed the cat, but I couldn't help myself. I just got The rough guide to heavy metal and the author, Essi Berelian, must`ve thought she could comment on the subject and remain neutral. The controversy is whether DEATH METAL and/or BLACK METAL can be tolerated, subsidized and implemented for churchgoers. I don't know about you, but I find it a challenge to listen to classic/original heavymetal and keep my sanity. By that I mean, maintaining some moral dignity between right and wrong. I don't naturally have a lust for blood, an inkling for devil worship, nor a habit of cursing until George Carlin turns red. I mean, I can't decipher the lyrics and I can't sing along, but the sound gives me a sense of movie magic as if I'm not really alive, I'm just a character in a film in which, the CD playing in my car, is a background score accompanying the mood like suspense music. Nevertheless, there is some comfort knowing that somebody else, a successful musician, feels the same shitty way I do. Here are the results of BLACK METAL I found, although I know there must be more. I found a site for a band called DEAD IN CHRIST which has a few samples and (ugh) lyrics. Also, I did Internet searches for band names turning up from usenet plugs advertising links to eBay merchandise samplers (ie. demo tapes?). And the Christian BLACK Metal bands are:

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