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I really do still like my job

Several decades back, I thought I would never find a job that I could hold on to which involved having my own desk, access to a telephone and a computer with Internet access. Don't get me wrong, many times I drudge getting up in the morning to go to work because it's days like these, Mondays, that can be busier for me than any other day of the week. I guess there is a larger percentage of lag time on other days of the week when I can just sit back and relax with a good book, and when you think about it, that's not too different from working for a publishing company in which all one does all day is read manuscripts. The only major difference, I suppose, is that the manuscript might put a person to sleep more often than an already published best seller might.

I'm always looking for ways to facilitate my job too. Thank god for computers. Computers have made my job here so much quicker, which means more lag time to read and web surf. Sometimes I'll just stare into place on a dream about working for a real publishing company. My job can be abbreviated as CT, but when I fantasize about working in a publishing firm, I distort all reality and call myself a copy technician or freelance typesetter, which I get from my full time (FT) status as a workerbee. That's crazy, yah, I know. It gets me thru the day sometimes, though.

Today was the grand opening of a new Silverlake Branch Library. One of the employees here in my own private hell hole was re-assigned to help out there today. Tomorrow, another of the employees will from MOPH will be there. The news is that the place isn't very large. It's just busy busy busy.

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