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Men who stare at goats: the movie

With all focus on high profile actors, enticing poster, and a story structure set to eliminate possibility of sitting thru a chick flick, who can blame me for thinking that Men who stare at goats would bring me to an euphoric state of mind. All the funny stuff in this film was either way over my head because I never served in the military, or simply not funny (yet).

The goats, I found, were a pleasure to look at and when you think about that for a minute, yes, this film was hilarious (I guess). At first, my thoughts were on the controversial ideas involving the current war against evil in the middle east as it depicts some similarity to medieval crusades. If you know your history, Christians have been at war against Muslims for a long time regarding religion, and some experts believe that the realization of a goats head having been uncovered underneath what was believed to be the holy sepulcher may have been conducive to the inquisition in the 14th century when the Poor Knights of Christ were persecuted and burned at the stake for worshiping the idol baphomet.

This movie is not about that. It's about the minor details that are overlooked in movies about the war, whether they be funny movies or dramas. I like to think that this movie will increase in popularity over time the way a good work of art increases in value (especially after the demise of the artist). It's hard to say whether or not this is the case for Men who stare at goats, but how often do we find a movie with a cast line-up of big, spoiled actors? I can't wait for the DVD to be released so I can make more sense of this film.
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