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The what & why of blogging

The what & why of blogging should have something useful for everyone who wonders about who their audience is or how to get one. Meanwhile, there's four more links to check out on the subject

This of course is food for thought on the subject I'm currently focused on: screenwriting. Just to note, I must remember to use the word "hump day" in my screenplay to refer to the precise date of June 15, 2005. Other than that, isn't it weird that the article about blogging did not contain reference to the programming technology called wikis? According to the graphic charts, that so many people are into blogging seems ashame since web providers like geocities which disappear from one day to the next gobble up all the hard work that people put into their personal web site. Now I have to try to google my own geocities site to see if any results pop up which I can access thru cached memory. I only read half of it, so that's probably the reason why. I wouldn't hold my breath though.

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