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A description of my desktop

Because I find that I can make people laugh by just being myself, I need to describe my desktop for a scene I'm writing. While I want to use a sexy rebel type entertainment as the background wallpaper, I also want to display all the file clutter that I have on one of my user accounts. Please understand, it isn't a pleasant thing to be the "funny" guy this way because when I do tickle somebody this way, I'm usually making excuses for myself to justify what it is that seemed so funny. Of course, this stuff is small and minor so it usually doesn't effect the relationship, but I'll admit that my lifestyle would make most people reading this fall from their chair and die of a heart attach laughing.

For now, I'll describe my computer desktop, then maybe expand the frame to show the clutter on the desk itself; so, I have my work cut out for me. Don't ask why. I have gotten myself to a point in the screenplay where things have started to look interesting and serious. It is now that I need to insert some light hearted insight to my life that would hypnotize my audience to like and understand where the protagonist is coming from.

I made a previous entry, but don't think it got posted. Darn. In it I described the movie poster for the film THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO in which Lizbeth Salander mugs for the camera wearing a black hoodie and a spike collar. That's the wallpaper. Next, the clutter:

  • 661 964 0568 [2009-10-17 1609].pdf
  • addressbook
  • AIjp_and_lc.jpg
  • all_u_need_s_hate.mp3
  • artworld/~
  • BANNER lesson
  • barshow.jar
  • billboard.jpg
  • body-bg-4.gif
  • Booklist
  • browserRedirect
  • bs
  • catpix
  • cd.GIF
  • core024.tar
  • CSI
  • CustomerBillManager
  • data_tab.xls
  • doc.pdf
  • DSKTP Clutter
  • everydns.pdf
  • excel
  • fax cover-Rico.rtf
  • Final_LA_press_se_04.04.07.pdf
  • Form_81_.pdf
  • fr.pdf
  • fuck 2007.rtf
  • genetic_apple.png
  • Genius_a rock opera
  • httpd.txt
  • incense
  • Install Flash Player 9 UB.dmg
  • KXTG6021.pdf
  • mbz_ipod_03082005.pdf
  • med/den insur
  • medieval calligraphy
  • Medusa Menu.cwk
  • metalreview.html
  • michael_clayton.pdf
  • mllerivierre.jpg
  • new free fonts
  • newsletter folder
  • newsletter.txt
  • nobody
  • npr_12842807.mp3
  • page1_Revolver.tiff
  • page2_Revolver.tiff
  • pagemkrbs
  • pfrspec1.3.pdf
  • Picture clipping
  • predeswrkmnscomp.pdf
  • print_BofA_error.pdf
  • print UNIX starters guide.pdf
  • promo_gap.pdf
  • ricoaguirre.local/vanilla-static/attachments/attachments/amgree_bofa_visa.pdf
  • root
  • Rosicrucian
  • samp1e banner.jpg
  • save
  • save.Backup
  • server essentials_((AUDIO))
  • Shoe
  • sig.html
  • sigema
  • signature.txt
  • signatures old
  • Simone from Epica.jpg
  • simple.xls
  • sol
  • store returns.txt
  • Stylus Driver Updater v1.0cEs
  • superdelegats.txt
  • sutterlin.html
  • swingcyclepreview.pdf
  • System_Map.pdf
  • tees.jpg
  • UN_Ines9.jpg
  • Vitolo Demystifying the Copperplate Spencerian Script Enigma.pdf

That's funny right? I know it is, Schulz told me so. It's all in the deliverance and that's what I'm working on. Next… Oh yeh.

Dialog between editor and writer/not writer. It is a bizarre work relation to say the least and it should stay true to the conflict between bloggers and journalism. That's going to be a real bear because all I can think of is one person says, "Whatcha working on?" and the other person says, "I got a lead and I need to leave the office for a short while". But I think I have another way to convey this deliberate need to exit the office. You see, out of all the clutter, the protagonist finds his file and opens it. It contains a list of excuses that can be used to request a short absense (while this is still work related). The list should also be funny, because, guess what? I'm writing it

  1. Lizard needs to be fed
  2. pencil sharpener needs new blade
  3. etc.

OK, I have my work cut out for me. Now I have to think. Lemme pull out my axe. I think better when I'm not thinking about what I'm thinking of.

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