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OK, so this is the [expletive] deal

Just one of the pages has gotten to the point of being really frustrated with this work environment in which we all have to be in together. The page can't stand it when I take an item (like a book, a CD, a DVD, etc) from a patron because when I place them on the sorting shelves (in this case trolly carts), I do it carelessly and sloppily. That's just to show you the kind of guy I am, messy. You should see my living arrangement.

I'll say this before going further, her and the boss are bosom buddies. Anyway, I have one of the coolest boss' to work for because she's so lenient on all things work related. She tries to be fair and the most challenging thing I imagine for her to resolve right now is how to be fair in a situation where I like to be sloppy and her page refuses to touch things that have passed through my hands. You really have to know the goings on around her to catch my drift.

In a nutshell, my boss comes out of her office to where all the public interaction goes on in my department to straighten up the trolly carts. She is, of course, working on stuff unrelated to what I'm insinuating, that she is going out of her way to make her page happy without ruining my day be being a demanding that I be more neat in my arrangement of the sorting trucks. How sweet. Where was I going with all this?

Well, I was working on something earlier, an entry in screenplay format I'll probably have ready before Friday, but all of a sudden I can't hear myself think. I mean, what if I'm sitting here waiting for my next customer while I blog my life away and this background action is actually taking place the way I describe.


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