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I'm really bored

I think I'm coming down with something. My sinuses are acting up. I'm sneezing and I'm a little moquiento. Yuck. I took a Zicam, but I didn't have a chance to check the exp. date on the box. Those things taste horrible and yet I eat them not knowing whether they will be effective or not.

I'm stuck in a rut over the next scene I'm working on that involves some highly sophisticated communication interaction between an editor and a freelance writer. I wish I knew more about this kind of thing, but it looks like I'm at a point where I have to do some research by reading journalism boards where striving writers are anxious to find work in these harsh economic times. I would rather research the effect on journalism blogs are having since that's been something people have been discussing in news and stuff. Really, I'm just lazy. Research is a real bitch sometimes.

While I consider myself having researched the mothman occurance and how the hell something like that ever made it to the printing plate, it was easier to identify which search results would lead me nowhere and which search research were getting me closer to understanding the publishing business. Truthfully, if I want to avoid all that, I must just put a cork on the screenwriting creativity until I finish reading about Hearst. That's going to take awhile because the second installment to the Millennium trilogy is almost available. I'm now number 5 on the waiting list. But, considering part three won't be released until October 2010, that would be plenty of time to finish a book with ten thousand pages in it.


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