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Lyrics websites unaffected by their falsifying/bait–and–switch tactics

What do I care if doesn't have the lyrics to the new SLAYER album up yet. Just as many other popular lyrics sites, appears on google search results when the keyword search of the a song title contained in the new World painted blood CD is executed. It seems none of the big lyrics sites have these lyrics "yet". I'm sure they will eventually, when the CD is released on November 3, 2009. What I was really searching for was a pre-release version of the song itself that I could listen to.

Although I think it's bullshit that following a link described as containing lyrics for such songs as Public display of dismemberment would result in a message of:
This is an upcoming album and we don't have the Public Display Of Dismemberment song lyrics yet. Please to submit Slayer – World Painted Blood lyrics and contribute to the community.

I guess nobody makes a big deal about it because if a person had to choose between accuracy in on-line advertising and free pre-released youtube versions of songs, I'm sure the latter would win out by a landslide. Other samplers via youtube are
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