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OMFG! Got cats?

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Yesterday it was brought to my attention that paperback books should be linked as though they are paperbacks. Here where I work that means generic.

There is a double standard where I work because most of the manga collection is actually linked to their corresponding bibliographic record, making them appear as though they were hardbacks. However, there are two major ways a book can be entered into the database and still abide by the edicts of keeping flimsy books as paperback. One way is to make them generic. That means, when they're checked out by somebody, the title of it will not appear on the charge receipt. The charge receipt will only list the item as "paperback".

The second way is by linking the item to it's bibliographic record but changing the media code to YPBK, making it a paperback item and still keeping accurate record for title and genre.

So today I let my supervisor know what the manager came to me about concerning those two paperback items. We walk into the boss's office together and the discussion soon leaves me out of the equation as I request to ask a question. Having been shut-up in this way, I interrupt by asking whether I really need to be in there, and I am dismissed from the office.

Today's cartoon is about THC. Even if it were legalized in California, what with all the smoking laws prohibiting smoking even outdoors, where in the hell are people expected to get high? A plus would be having ample reason to get high at work, but the con would be losing one's job because of mistakes. How funny would it be if somebody were to have a smoking party up on the roof top of where they work and the smoke makes it's way in to the air conditioning system. The way these two (my supervisor and the manager) are going at it, I think they would qualify with a lifetime prescription for the ganja.

I had an opportunity to sit in there with them and be sneaky by recording the entire thing with a digital recorder, but I would've probably passed out in mid discussion as librarians really know how to shoot from the mouth.

Generic: database entries describing an item by it's format, but discards any aspect to genre.
'Which book are you saying I haven't returned, Mr. Librarian?' The clerk responds 'It doesn't say. The computer only lists the item as paperback. That means, a book with a flimsy cover.'

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