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Another mothman book hath arrived for me

As I skim thru it, I realize that nothing strange about the adjacent news report describing a tragic loss of life will be mentioned. In my attempts to find a 'free' full page scan of the newspaper that broke the mothman story on November 16, 1966, I did stumble onto something describing one of the newspaper organization merging their company with an international news circuit. I didn't bookmark this lead, but if the tragic events of November 16, 1966 in Rio de Janeiro is the same described in the Point Pleasant Register, how is it that the date in which the Point Pleasant Register ran the story of the train collision occurred on the same date in which other newspapers around the world indicated it happened in their edition of the news for the following date (November 17, 1966)?

I know this is complicated and I'm probably only chasing my own tail, but honest to God, if a train crash occurs in Rio on November 16, how is it possible that that accident gets published on the same day, regardless whether the news syndicate being used by the Point Pleasant Register has connections with an internation news network, when a newspaper in Australia and Europe publish the developments of the trajedy in their edition a whole day after?

OHH… THESE REFLECTION POSTS THAT I WRITE HELP A LOT. If the date changes at midnight in Japan, then the November 16 is nine hours ahead in Europe and probably something like 12 hours ahead in Australia. So, whatever happens in Rio on the morning of November 16, is already mid-day in other parts of the world; hence, their daily paper is already printed.

Okay, nevermind the last few posts§ I've been making about the mothman. I've obviously been barking up the wrong tree. I can now remove the question mark above my head which people have been complimenting me on how it keeps my hair from poofing out in a friz.


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