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MJ's vest had nothing on her chest.

Today was actually kinda fun in a weird sorta way. I mean, I had to work and everything, but the day went by fast. Not fast enough, of course, but fast just the same. The weird stuff started fairly early in the day. One suspects that working in places like Hollywood, every day would be a challenge with the characters that drop by, but today I had a chance to see the true colors of one of the infrequent regular DVD borrowers.

As he walks up to the counter with his stack of DVD's, he mumbles something a bit incoherent. Out of politeness, though I had my suspicions that whatever it was he had uttered was totally irrelevant to his immediate objective of checking out a few DVD's with his library, I decide to ask "what?" I said "excuse me?" to be exact. More mumbling as he fumbles for his library card and repeats himself with a bit more clarity, though I still couldn't figure out WTF. His wallet apparently contained a few diamonds.

OH, I GET IT! It just dawned on me. He was peddling his rocks. Duh!…

I guess my love life must be taking a turn for the better and something about my face must be giving out signals that I'll be meeting an available special someone soon. Or, maybe it's just the bike. I dunno, but that was weird, the way he held his rocks in his hand flashing them in my full view mumbling something about his ex-wife or another having taken everything else. Bummer. Anyway, I thought this picture might be fitting for just this occasion.
bling vestAbout a month ago, I would've thought I could reap a bundle selling this on eBay, but on second thought I think I'll keep it. This is a genuine Michael Jackson vest from his toddler days. I don't want to gloat, but I was feeling just a wee weird. I had a mind to go see that new controversial film but suddenly realized that it was too dark for me be roaming the streets alone at night. Perhaps I'll fit this into my schedule today. First I have to dust off my vest and take some precautionary measures to preserve it's sparkle.

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