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Research results revolving around the Mothman breaking story on Wed. 16 Nov 1966

The boogeyman is a figment of your imagination. In my previous few entries about the Mothman incident in rural West Virginia, I began to research the adjacent headline which appeared in the newspaper running the breaking story on 16 Nov. 1966. As I sit at my desk, I ponder whether 607 page biography on Wm. R. Hearst might shed some light on the nature of journalism giving clarity to the decision behind coupling one event with zero evidence other than the eyewitness accounts of four people who were probably not debriefed separately, with that of a tragic life taking accident. The book is The Chief: The life of William Randolph Hearst. It's old and rattled with loose pages, but I think I might skim thru it. In my search for cross reference to the headline story appearing on the same page that the Mothman incident printed on, I found this:

38 Killed in Brazilian crash
Niopolis, Brazil—A crowded Brazilian commuter train heading for Rio de Janeiro from working–class suburbs ran through stop signals yesterday and collided head on with another train. Police said 38 were known dead and more than 200 injured, 15 in critical condition.

Railroad officials said the Rio–bound train left the suburb of Novo Iguacu in the pre–dawn darkness, ran through stop signals and slammed into the train headed for Novo Iguacu. The first car of the three-car Rio–bound train ripped open at impact and scattered passengers and wreckage across the tracks, witnesses said.

Ned Barcellos Pereira, a passen ger in the third car of the commuter train, said, "There was a sharp crush, then a lot of panic. You could hear screams coming from the front two cars." Pereira reported that all three cars were loaded with passengers

This story ran the following day that the Point Pleasant Register ran it. The publication was

The Daily Collegian in University Park, PA (Thurs. 17 Nov. 1966) Vol. 67, No.36.

This story printed on the page on and, though it didn't make headlines, unrelated accompanying stories were:

  • USG to consider Senate issue today
    Congress to vote on representation
  • Theta Sigma Phi Project
    PR workshop registration continues
  • Artist series tickets still available
    Symphony due Friday
  • Wirtz criticizes draft system
  • Student affairs committee extends voting to all student representatives
  • 'Cage the panther' pep rally slated for old main lawn
  • The Nation
    Johnson operation successful, Washington
    Jury debates Sheppard verdict, Cleveland
    Gemini astronauts hailed, Cape Kennedy
  • The State
    Scranton appointee approved by Senate

Another similar story ran in

The Age
Rio de Janeiro, Nov. 16
A crowded train collided with antoher train south of Rio during the morning rush hour today. First reports said at least 30 persone were killed and more than 200 injured

This story also ran on page two in the 17 Nov. 1966 edition of The Age. I'm not certain, but I think The Age is an Australian publication. Here's a link* to other stories which ran in the same page as the train wreck story.

  • Last Gemini flight ends in triumph [Cape Kennedy]
  • PM tells of food crisis [New Delhi]
  • Zambia accuses Britain over Rhodesia
  • Generals arrested in Indonesia
  • Heavy bombing in south [Saigon]
  • The isle of man says 'no' to britain
  • Home for trial [Frankfurt]

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