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Spanish news channel aires the baby/train collision

This morning, as I was drinking coffee, I couldn't help notice the news on TV as it would break for sponsor information. Whenever the news is interrupted by a commercial break, they try to hook the view with teasers of what is yet to come. They do this on NBC as well as the spanish language networks. So, this morning I see the teaser describing a horrible accident in Australia in which a woman's baby stroller rolls from a train station platform into the tracks in front of an oncoming train. By the time the woman realized her baby carriage had fallen into the train's path, the train had already pulverized it. The video stays on the lady as she reacts to the horrific event with incoherence in her body language, a normal reaction under the circumstance. I just can't get that video out of my mind.

It's always sad when the news contains casualties of the innocent. Babies, infants and children are always innocent. After reflecting a bit on the news, I couldn't help but suspect the possibility that the woman in this video might have had malicious motives, just as once in a great while an infant is discovered to be abandoned or murdered by it's own mother. It just seems too awful to think that such a thing could happen to a loving mother, babysitter, relative. The video shows the woman completely helpless as she can only watch as the train tramples the baby carriage.

I just now have found a moment to search the Internet for news development on the story, as this morning's version was in Spanish and my Spanish coherency is about equivalent to listening to somebody say "Taka taka taka taka". Miraculously, the baby survives with nothing more than a bump on the head. Here's the video aired on a British news channel. Notice how the video is interrupted immediately after the collision in the video, but on the Spanish edition the camera stays on the woman as she screams and yells. The Spanish link does blur out the woman's facial features. I don't remember if this morning's broadcast also had done the same, but the quality of the camera, plus the distance, doesn't lend kindly to recognition anyhow. My deepest prayers for a full recovery go to the baby. What kind of demons must this careless woman have had hounding her for the wind to have snatched that infant from her so easily?

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