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Wanda Sykes is so funny. I nearly had a heart attack from laughter nearing the end of her act. I tuned in to the HBO show about twenty minutes late, as always, but it was worth watching again from the very beginning once I programmed my Tivo to dub the next showing.

It was her ass jokes that really got me reeling in laughter. Her expression. Her face of innocence, the way she uses it to mimic play by play interaction with other characters just makes me want to cuddle her into my arms. Why do comedians like to acknowledge their sexual orientation in front of their audience? Every time Wanda would mention her wife, her preference for women over men, I couldn't help overcome my disbelief. "Wanda doesn't look gay. Surely she jests. It must be a comedic thing that all funny people have to come to terms with gayness"

In the end, it doesn't bother me. I'm just happy I didn't miss the show. People are going to be talking about her for some time, I imagine. She's good.

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