Bier de Stone ( wrote,
Bier de Stone

Is today over yet?

Had a late lunch. Went to Red Dragon on Eagle Rock Blvd. This is the place that use to be in Glendale. Ironically, I didn't find out they had moved until, one day I had decided to race over to Gndl for a quick take-out order. Anyways, They've been renovating for the last couple months. Foods okay. Didn't tip because the plates were plastic, there was no waitress, and I usually calculate my tips by how friendly the waiter/waitress checks up on their table to see if everything is all right.

I ordered the kung-pao chicken. Yum. Delicious, as always.

Not have to work. I only had five minutes to write this. I know I had much more I wanted to say, but those are the breaks. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe later.

Oh, spoke to a guy at Harley and he said he might be able to find me a deal for a 1200 Sportster. I'm still waiting for his call back. I'm excited


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