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Countless reasons that my attention span didn't dwindle in the biography American Radical

Izzy Peskett, a user name on facebook
The pseudonym Issadour Feinstein used to publish his news stories "Stone"
The footnote that doesn't appear until the last chapter of the book
… reporters who start by attending off–the–record briefings and go on to socialize with their sources end up "in the God–damnedest mess of crap."

The relevancy the subject matter of investigative journalism has in juxtaposition with She of TV4
The assist this read may serve in understanding parts 2 and 3 of Millennium trilogy by Stieg Larsson.
The sense of accomplishment in reading a book which only half of made sense to me because I would've liked more time to take more notes for cross referencing purposes
The possible links in which I.F. Stone may or may not have had during the Nixon Administration and his involvement with Bibi Rebozo.
The scandalous way one journalist escaped persecution of suspicion of being a communist. I need to remember to re-read the last three chapters again: An American trajedy, Hellenistic period, and Last writes
A sense of direction for finding a book containing inferences to stuff like The Pentegon papers, various other controversial journalists, and most of all, the ability to describe the urgency in first amendment rights.
The resemblance, or similarities, I.F. Stone instilled in me to the six flags Magic Mountain spokes-character.
If you remember all the hype and controversy of Salman Rushie's The Satanic verses and wondered what it was about, but too chicken to be seen reading it; that's the feeling I had whenever I took my copy of The life and times of I.F. Stone to Starbucks. Only four copies exist in the Los Angeles City library system, but worse yet, there's only thirteen peeps on the waiting list. Dan Brown's The lost symbol has got 1,515 peeps waiting to receive a copy (out of 259).
The fact that there isn't anything interesting on TV or theatres these days to keep me busy as much as having such a slow read of a book to hold my interest.
The trajic ending
That Izzie's behavior and beliefs seemed so familiar helps to believe that colleges and universities are not necessary in obtaining an education.
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