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      How silly today was, and odd that I'd be attracted to a skanky woman who's made an appearance at work twice already. I saw her there twice. She had fishnet pantyhose, a skimpy skirt and clean underwear. God she was sexy (and young).
      I think I'm alone in thinking she is by far the most attractive person I've seen stop by and… well… just make her presense known. The first time I saw her linger in, I didn't really get close enough to check her out, but today she actually came up to me, asked a favor, and gave me a smile. This woman made me feel like I could stutter, fumble, and spittle and her smile at me wouldn't falter.
      She resembled somebody I knew a long time ago, but these days who doesn't. All I do is watch out of for the same woman day after day. That's why I think being blind wouldn't be so bad, hence the attempt to learn guitar so I can stand outside at the 3rd street promenade one day when my vision completely fails and play for tips. In the meantime, she brightens up my day. Too bad I'll be off the next couple weeks. I'm almost determined to ask her her name and number.
      Craig's list didn't work for tracking ol` school friends and an ex-girlfriend.

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