Bier de Stone ( wrote,
Bier de Stone

Last night's nightmare

A troubled gangbanger with issues pulls out a hand gun and points and shoots me in the head. I fall to the ground only to regain some cognizance over what's just transpired and, in full denial, refuse to try to move in any way to lift myself back up. I'm breathing and my eyes are open and I can see all the commotion taking place (at least in front of me) in the aftermath. This occurred in plain sight of loved ones and, I guess, they are screaming and/or wailing at the harm I'd just been subjected to, although I can't recall. Despite not being in any pain, the more I try to contemplate the consequences of what I know just happened, the more I go into shock. Slight pain near my heart as I realize that it has stopped.

Tags: crazy world, guts

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