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Media wars are here to stay*
7th October, 2009 – ""

Backlash takes eight months for emergence. How does this kind of thing affect the cartoonist caught in the middle of the controversy? On the one hand, there is no legal restriction that I know of that prohibits people as writers from using the paraphrase "stimulus bill" in their compositions. The New York Post managed to bring the controversy of the monkey cartoon to light again by dismissing the Associate Editor who was identified as having denied involvement or approval in the selection process of badly drawn editorial cartoons. This cartoon appeared in publication back in February, and I recall having seen it, along with all the hype about denigrating interpretation.

And this affects me how? It doesn't, actually. I can only compete with my fear of being blacklisted. Yet, I've heard that blacklisting is a thing of the past and there is no such thing in this day and age. It's replacement seems humbling enough to partake in original research on semiotics before replying to the hate mail such unpopular strips will undoubtedly invite. We learn from the lesser of two evils whom most agree was the most recently renown and impeached prez by quoting, out of context, "It depends on what the definition of bill is."

Was there any wonder that a cartoon of this nature would find its way into a popular news publication?

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