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Updates for spec sales

10/5 Arrested Development
Fox Searchlight Pictures
Imagine Entertainment
  • Will Arnett →
  • Jason Bateman →
  • Michael Cera →"
    Comment: Based on the popular TV series.
    10/5 Cla$$War
    Mandeville Films
    Alexander Content
    Comment: Based on the comicbook "Cla$$War" from publisher Com.x
    10/5 Waiting for Robert Capa
    Uniform Relay Language (URL)
    Description search
    Michael Mann to direct
    low budget film based on novel
    Columbia Pix
    From the director of Miami Vice
    scribe credit for Jez Butterworth
    Biopic on photographer
    Spanish novelist sees movie deal
    Frankly my dear
    Romance flick
    Columbia Pictures - NY
    Forward Pass, Inc.
    NOVEL →
    The story begins in Paris in 1935, where Capa, a refugee from fascist Hungary, met Taro, a Jewish refugee from Nazi Germany. The outbreak of the Spanish Civil War a year later began Capa's emergence as the most renowned war photographer ever and established Taro as the first frontline female battle photographer. She was killed in the Battle of Brunete in 1937.
    Comment: Based on Susana Fortes' Spanish-language novel
    10/2 Future Is Wild, The
    Warner Bros. Pictures
    Vanguard Films
    Comment: Based on the TV series on Animal Planet
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