Bier de Stone ( wrote,
Bier de Stone

Dismantling the way traditional video was made

I know things are done differently now that computers have the ability to make video, but just as some people may still prefer a typewriter over a computer, there may also be filmmakers who prefer to film their footage on acrylic. I found a short demonstration about sound manipulation and thought it was right down my alley when I rant about how bad movies from the 1970s used to use popular songs with their lyrics to pretty much explain the motives of characters in a montage. I call this down and dirty technique of subliminal suggestions as deus-x-machina because montages with background music almost never have a justification for it, like a car stereo, an iPod, or a loud neighbor; but if their is some explanation in the film for the background music, it's usually never adequately described.

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