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Who will succeed Letterman

2nd October, 2009 © blanket sin – "Late night sex scandal"

It's only been a year or so since I abandoned THE LATE SHOW WITH DAVID LETTERMAN for THE TONIGHT SHOW WITH JAY LENO. It was always an effort to try and stay tuned in to NBC rather than the preferred CBS, but I had already decided that despite late night, NBC was my fav local network to watch. Now that Conan O'Brian is with THE TONIGHT SHOW, there's no question which is better. So I feel that the sex scandal involving Letterman and some extortionist was designed to hike up his ratings.

I've included a graph from google trends dot com to show how the scandalous news about Letterman's dirty habits are effecting his popularity. You know, I always wondered whether Letterman was having some kind of an affair with his gal friday, Vicky, who would make periodic appearances during his show wearing a letterman jacket. Duh… it all comes full circle now. She's been making less and less of her infrequent appearances on the show and I think that's one of the reasons I was able to detach myself from watching THE LATE SHOW so easily.

So, if things start getting too bizarre for Dave, what are we all going to do if he leaves? I mean, I can't think of anybody who could possibly fill his shoes. Perhaps a woman might be good. Maybe Tracy Ullman is contemplating for retirement, but I can't think of any women comedians that can make me laugh like she does. Somebody get Gunter on the horn.

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