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I'm looking over a dan-de-li-on… that I overlooked before

I know I'm in a pissy mood right now. I'm sorry. Once I cool down, like sex, I ask myself why did I find it necessary to curse so much (come so fast). I took a moment to do something about my temper so that I could calm down and possibly focus on reading my book. No, I didn't smoke a joint. Look what I found!

I like to know way ahead of schedule which movies I'm going to want to go see. This really does wonders for my patience. Anyway, back when trailers were being played for Inglorious basterds, I said to myself, there's a movie that's going to be action packed and exciting. But, after thinking about it a little, It became clear to me that Brad Pitt is married to Angelina Jolie who is related to Jon Voight. Don't get me wrong. Angelina Jolie is pretty hot. Jon Voight, on the other hand, is like the prez of the MPAA (rating system). In fact, that I should hold such a thing against a true Angelino girl (Jolie) is almost shameful, but I happen to like my movies filled with cursing, nudity, sex and smoking. No wonder she (Jolie) changed her name.

Long story short, I don't want to see Inglorious basterds anymore. Same thing for Zombieland. I think I'll wait for the DVD and see if I can watch it when it starts circulating at the public library. The girl with the dragon tattoo is a different story. If you look closely at the link to, you'll notice near the bottom that there is information about the language (Swedish with English subtitles). And now that my spirits have been lifted, I can shut my laptop down and continue my reading. I have something to look forward to in January. Two things, actually. By my estimates, motorcycle prices are going to go down for the 2009 models. I just might be riding to the video store on my new bike in 2010.

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