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if sitting in front of the TV is how people veg out, what's surfing online called?

I knew if I turned on my computer to connect to the Internet, I wouldn't be able to get off. I think it was 9PM wen I decided to do a quick search of places to eat for lunch tomorrow using ReferenceUSA. One thing lead to another and now I find myself obsessing over a journalist named Eric Malnic. I don't know whether this journalist for the LA Times is retired because he decided it was time to sit back and enjoy his life, or whether he was a victim of the lay offs that have been affecting the Times. One article from 2001 caught my attention, and then I discovered he wrote a lot about death, plane crashes and dark depressing things.

I'm tired now and I have to wake up early and go to work tomorrow. It was a constructive two hours of just surfing the web for links to stuff that I probably shouldn't be worried about, but… it was this or read a few more pages of American Radical. I think DD Guttenplan's biography is an incredible compilation of bits and pieces of writing from the journalist. So, in my own way, I was considering attempting the same thing using the available material from google news. In 1994 he wrote about the Nicole Simpson murders, in 1996 he wrote a few articles about flight travel, and these days, it's all about 9/11. That's where my curiosity over planes lies. At least as far as what articles may have been written by Eric Malnic on the subject. Because he had already written a few articles on flight travel, when the 9/11 debacle occurred, he was just one of the journalist given assignments to cover how the country was being effected by the increase in security. I look forward to setting some time to look at these stories. Not tonight, though. Zzzzzz

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