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The Klitschko fight in L.A.

Don't you just love it when boxers go into the ring as cocky as John Holmes? And yet, it never fails that only one of the fighters will emerge the victor. I was at the edge of my seat waiting for Arreola to spring something on Iron Fist Klitschko, despite how red Chris's face was getting from his shameful beating. Before the media gets a chance to completely humiliate him by describing his immature behavior after the fight, which was called off by the referee after the tenth round, take a moment to recall all the sad moments in which media have exploited the victim by filming them at their most rueful moment. Remember how everybody thought "boys don't cry"? Women find it easier to cry in front of a camera than men do, and before a man succumbs to making a statement that causes him to break down and cry, he cowers away from the camera (with or without apologies). Now we know why. Because men love to curse while they cry.

Not so for Chris Arreola. He savored the moment by accentuating his sobs at Jim Lampley's post fight interview with strong cursing. Fuck this, fuck that, blah blah blah, says Chris. And yet, even though he was the underdog in this welter-weight fight for the world heavy-weight championship of the world title, Chris felt a need to apologize to viewers. Not for his cursing, mind you, but for losing. I don't know how anyone else feels, but I for one can't wait to see the day somebody, preferably a hispanic, clobbers those Klitschko brothers. And because Chris lost in the luxury of his home town, he gave his fans some insight to his own cognizance to freely think straight, after so much punishment by Klitschko. Chris translated his apology to Spanish before Jim Lampley could take the mike away from him. He promised he would come back, but forgot to ascertain our confidence in him as a fighter who is very much in touch with his feminine side. He didn't translate the f-word into Spanish. "Chingada madre" Chris. Remember, for next time. And maybe when you come back, HBO will have the same hi-def quality video in the Spanish channel that HBO rewards their English language viewers.

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