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Labour and tories

Today's customers have been helpful in my ongoing attempt to return the iron benches (hence remove the benches from the front part of the building) to the back patio. I've been inquiring about legal requirements revolving around public walkways. In other words, a sidewalk should be a certain length in width, and obstruction cannot block the walkway as a result of the American Disabilities Act, etc. I guess I'm determined to get those benches back as part of the backyard patio where us employees can enjoy our lunch breaks. However, now that I've been turning into one of the boat rockers who always seem to be depicted on the news as meddlers for some environmental issue, I honestly can't see this request ever happening.

The fireman who came in actually offered to try to get the benches moved to where I wanted them. The parking enforcement guy actually said that I should go to my boss. Yeah, right. Like I already haven't.

The next step would normally be to talk to the area manager about it, but honest to god, I don't see that working either. Nope, my only option is going to be thru my councilman. It would be the first time I ever right to a councilman about anything and I want it to read seriously. So I'm trying to gather as much information I can use to make my voice sound like I know what I'm talking about. I know removing those benches from out front would hinder a large amount of people who have found them useful and comfortable, but as a result of having them there, there has accumulated a picsty.

It's a boring project and I really need to get off it. It's a waste of time and as it is, the filth doesn't effect me directly—so who cares? Let me just add, as a parting shot, that I think the walkway I'm referring to is indeed a "public walkway" and even though you may see bus stop benches on sidewalks around the city which obstruct the public walkway, there's still room for a wheelchair AND the benches are used in a direct way. To wait. The benches in front of the library are useless to the immediate strategic plan of libraries. This is not a city park. WTF!
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