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9 women rescued from fake Big Brother house in Turkey

Turkish military police said today that they had stormed an Istanbul villa to rescue nine women held captive after being tricked into believing they were reality TV show contestants.

The women were led to believe they were being filmed for a Big Brother-type television programme, according to the Dogan news agency and other news reports. Instead, their naked images were sold on the internet by their captors.

They were made to sign a contract which stipulated that they could have no contact with their families or the outside world, and would have to pay a fine of 50,000 Turkish lira ($34,000.00) if they left the show in the first two months, the agency reported.

Nine women rescued from fake Big Brother house in Turkey

There's so many ways to get yourself into a bind these days, it's no wonder students don't ever want to graduate and start their lives in the real world. It's easier to keep friends who are students rather than rubbing elbows and brown nosing key figures who can advance a person's career. How are people supposed to sit there in their living room and listen to a news report describing the demise of Annie Lee who was a student at Yale. It isn't like use couch potatoes are discarding the outcome of an investigation of a recluse's murder. This was an young career minded woman who's body was found "in the wall" of some lab who know where. Why do we care about the tidbits of details? Was it her fingers that were found, her teeth? And afterwards, how long will it take that we forget about that news segment that seemed to be pending an outcome of an investigation?

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