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The profiteers

Ever since the prez's declaration of war against the axis of evil, there's been a question in my head over who profits. By that I don't mean to say that the oil companies may be profiting from the gain of raw materials in Iraq and such. I am curious about names, whether it be names of companies or names of individual tycoons.

It's easy to misinterpret stuff, and who would known that the month of September had special meaning to the fashion industry. I certainly didn't get that impression after watching The devil wears prada, but after seeing a few trailers of The September issue, I think it's clear enough now to determine who could possibly have been that most effected from it as production halted to a stand-still. It even eludes to it in the title "September issue" just how controversial the outcome of that catastrophic event in 2001 has distorted facts in the suspicious minds of people.

There has been so much talk about uprising, seceding, civil war, it's no wonder the military is loaning out their toys to various government departments for their utilization at their own discretion. TV4 had a segment about some other crowd control device that emitted a heat source that could be effective in disbursing a mob, but this piece I stumbled onto in ontd_political looks like a regular loud speaker. It seems like something right out of a Woodstock concert event, but in the hands of a career jarhead, it becomes a weapon (of course). The way it's used is by causing great pain to crowds. Yet, I have the temerity to wonder what a LRAD would sound like at a SLAYER concert. Maybe I should be concerned about whether the audio system used at large venue concerts have the capacity to function the same way as an LRAD.

It seems to me that a Long–Range Acoustic Devices would be excellent for playing loud guitar riffs at a heavy metal concert, but now I'm reluctant about going to concerts if I don't know what authorities are capable of with a sound system. I can't help but feel that people gathered in groups just like the ones huddled in front of a stage at a concert are treated like zombies because of the LRAD crowd control thing.

Take a look at the picture from above entry linking bludstone's post on ontd_political, on 9/12/9, titled Sonic weapons used in Iraq positioned at congressional town hall meeting in San Diego County* and tell me that doesn't look like a sure–fire way to repel mosquitoes and zombies. They've got state of the art technology mounted on an ATV as though they're preparing to herd us citizens like sheep.

My first impression of The September issue was CHICK FLICK! find a chick to take to a movie so that people don't think I'm going to see this film willingly. I'll get back to you on how successful I am at finding someone later. For now, it's important to point out that a movie produced and directed by a guy named Cutler has got to be hilarious. If you've already seen The devil wears prada, this movie is probably going to get you reeling about whom that film really was about. The way in which Melissa Anderson describes this flick in her LA Weekly film review, FASHION VICTIM, the main characters are one in the same.


The link of the day comes to us from out of left field. Years ago, I walked into one of those goth shops and bought myself a silver ring. As it happens, the ring will only fit on my left hand and when people see it, they ask me why I wear it on my left hand, and am I married? Well, the ring looks quite sinister with the effigy of a grotesque, so my reply is "Yes. I'm married to the devil". Anyway, here's the link. Anna Wintour, the person whom this movie is about, was depicted as the obvious devil in The devil wears prada. I really love the name Anna, in fact my high school sweetheart's name is Ana, and that she ventured into the field of fashion makes things even more linkable as she is the only person I've ever met that I would willingly walk down the isle with (in Vegas).

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