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Ugh… library research

here's a database on the computers at work called title source. I'm not very effective with it, but it's the same database that librarians use to do whatever it is they do in their busy lives. Well, the other day I sat thru a movie only because Ewen McGregor was in it. This is what happens to me when I watch a movie that I really like—I find out who the main actor/actress was that played a major part in it, and I stalk their flicks.

The movie is Rogue Trader, a flick releasted in '99 about the stock market crash in England. Considering all the economic troubles we're experiencing here in America, one would think a book like this would be hot. I'm forced to wonder whether the libraries in New York might have a different perspective on stocking their shelves with this title. Hopefully I'll find that feature which shows the names of libraries across the country who own a copy. I wish I had that website at hand. I think I even blogged about it here awhile back.
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