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Are you a real citizen?

Kos keeps loading and loading and loading. I dunno if it's me or if it's them. But either way, has got an interesting article with fun links to read if your into first amentdment rights like I am. The actual hearing's about what appears to be a case called CITIZENS UNITED V. FEDERAL ELECTION COMMISSION

What does it all mean? You're asking me? I'm going to wait until I get home to watch TV4 and see if something is mentioned about it on the news. I read the pdf file of the oral argument, but it reads like a stutterer typed it up. I don't really know if transcribing of the hearing is brought to us by OCR or whether sentences that read like they were invoked by stutterers have different meanings altogether. I guess this is one instance where you had to see it… But I'm sure if this thing was aired on C–SPAN, I would be trying to turn on closed captioning.

The ratings system for movies seems to have expanded their authority to prohibit independent filmmakers from developing a new genre I like to call realdocudramaty, because it'll probably never see the light of day. In what seems to be a boring exploitation of Hillary Clinton's manners of conduct in the political arena, censorship and gag orders seem to be the stipulation of the day.
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