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It will be the last major numerically outstanding day in a long time before my point is made about preceding zeroes. It doesn't bother me whether the cliché of 9111 someday becomes a misprint in history books to mislead historians to believe that day marked the first of September in 2001. Because everything I signed and dated this passing decade has always excluded the number zero before a two-digit year, 1/1/1 for Jan. 1, 2001, 12/23/0 for Dec. 23, 2000 and 6/15/5 for Jun. 15, 2005, I wouldn't doubt the a masonic printing organization's attempt to benefit in some way by confusing their readers.

I think my big headedness about the way I stray from the norm is because of my grandfather. I was not older than six when I remember his visit to Los Angeles from Mexico. He was sitting on the porch of the house when he asked me what our telephone number was. Miraculously, I knew my phone number (at that age). I dunno if that's normal now with everybody and their pet iguana owning a cell phone, but whatever our telephone number was, it looked like this xxx-0xxx. When my G-daddy saw that the last four digits began with the number zero, he went into some rant about number sequences not starting with the number zero. Maybe he was chidingly making small talk, but now that I think about it, the only reason people start their numbers with zeroes in dates is because of computers. Computers don't accept single digit years, but I would rather write my dates the way G-daddy logically explained to me, rather than the way a computer dictates it should be written.

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