Bier de Stone ( wrote,
Bier de Stone

Ouch! freaking wasp. What did I ever do to you?

I know they're blurry, but I keep forgetting that close ups on a cell phone aren't like the macro settings of a digital camera. Here's two pix of the wasp that collided with me while riding my Harley to Malibu Beach. I didn't know what hit me on the neck, other than it was big and impactful. Instead of stopping and checking, I figured, at the velocity I was traveling, the wind would knock it off. Unless it made it's way into my shirt. I couldn't really feel it crawling on my neck, but I sure as hell did feel the stinging effects of it's stinger. That's what it took for me to stop and check. That is the second time I'm stung by a wasp. What does it mean? My neck is a bit swollen, red, painful and itchy. I'm going to apply a mud pack of baking soda to it now. Otherwise, I had fun.

Gladstone's is a nice little place right on the sandy shore of the breaking waves. I ate outside. At this point, with having been stung and all, I wasn't in any kind of mood to listen to THE FLOCK OF SEAGULLS playing inside the restaurant. I had the fish n chips. Don't get the fish n chips there. Their chips are simply potato chips that I could've picked up at the local mini market. However, the cole slaw this dish comes with is pretty good. I probably would've enjoyed a higher priced meal for lunch, but again, I was in no mood to enjoy myself thinking that my neck would bloat up to a balloon. It's a perfect place to take her out on a date. I didn't see any celebrities. I think I wasn't far enough into Malibu where all the celebrities hang out.


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