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A new addition to the family

PhotobucketI know I've been neglecting my blog. First thing I do is check the locomap for hits and my profile for hugs. Sorry, self, and those few people who read this. I've been enjoying my four day weekend. I didn't have to work Saturday, and Sunday… Pfft, Monday is Labor Day (whatever that means), and tomorrow I'm off. What are my plans? I'm going to the library.

For god's sake, man! What are you talking about? Well, I can't help it. I looked everywhere online for the song She by the Monkees and the first couple days that I did not find anything, I resorted to plan B. Get the sheet music. I didn't find any sheet music online, but there was a copy of the song in a book that a library has not too far from where I live. Fortunately, they will be open tomorrow. I haven't checked the catalog yet, and I probably should call first to confirm that the thing is really there before I make the trip out there. So yeah, thanks for reminding me to do that.

I'm also going to Malibu. When I was twenty-something (maybe 30-something) I rode my bike all the way out to the beach (Santa Monica). That's a bit of a stretch from Downtown LA, but it feels like nothing getting there. It's the trip back that is hell. Anyway, I rented a motorcycle and I've been riding my heart out all over the place. This trip to Malibu will include the first time I ever eat at Gladstone's. I think everybody must've been there at one time or another. Everybody except me, that is. I don't know if I want to mingle with the celebrities if I see any, or just read my book. Of course, if we're talking about She of TV4, then the book can wait.

So that, and the newly added member to the family, is what I've been up too lately. Busy busy busy. I'm not yet set on a name for him, but I am considering "Oy". If you have a name you think I might like, here's some background info on him. Lizzy's a dude, though when I spotted him at the pet shop, it looked like he was being mounted by one of the other males; hence his enthusiasm for me to take him home. Oy

Oy's probably as good a name as anything else I might come up with. This is my first reptile, unless slider turtles are considered reptiles; but then he ran away or buried himself to death. My hands are full right now. The fish, the cat, the reptile. The crickets. I fall asleep to the sweet quarter notes of violin chirps. The sound it brings awakens the memory of peeps from Teocaltiche, down in Mexico, who've been symbolized as crickets by their neighboring nemesis, the hot springs clan. I forget what the peeps from there [aguas calientes] were branded, but whatever it is, who cares? I has cute dragon with comfy bed.

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