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Anyone else seen this conspiracy theory on flight 77 which struck the Pentagon? It's a short 30K stream which suggests questionable proof that the plane, a Boeing 757, was in fact a fabrication by the media. I think I read something toward the end that credits Marilyn Manson for a song or two.

The very first descriptions—before the mind control machine had time to go into action—described something like a missle or a craft much smaller than a 757

Comments on the Pentagon Strike, Cassiopaea

The plane, which appeared to hold 8 to 12 people, headed straight for the Pentagon but was flying as if coming in for a landing on a nonexistant runway, Patterson said.

-Washington Post

"Ive never seen what the pictures looked like," he said. "The FBI was here within minutes and took the film"

-National Geographic News

My brain could not resolve the fact it was a plane because it only seemed like a small hole in the building. No tail. No wings. No nothing."

-Steve DeChiaro

"One thing that's confusing—if it came in the way you described, at an angle, why then are not the wings outside? ¶ I mean, the wings would have shorn off. ¶ The tail would have shorn off. And yet there's apparently no evidence of the aircraft."

-Reporter, DoD Pentagon News Briefing

"A bomb had gone off. I could smell the cordite. I knew explosives had been set off somewhere"

-Don Perkal

Some eyewitnesses believe the plane actually hit the ground at the base of the Pentagon first, and then skidded into the building.

-CBS News

"I didn't see any evidence of the aircraft down there"

-Terry Mitchell, Audiovisual Division, ASD PA

The subsequent devastation from fire is also evident


Five photographs taken approximately one second apart show the approaching aircraft


"The speed, the maneuverability, the way that he turned, we all thought in the radar room, all of us experienced air traffic controllers, that it was a military plane"

-Danielle O`Brien, Dulles ATC

"He could not fly at all"

-former employee, Arizona Flight School

"They were clueless. It was clear to me they weren't going to make it as pilots."

-Rick Garza, Flight Instructor

Hotel employees sat watching the film in shock and horror several times before the FBI confiscated the video as part of its investigation.

-Bill Gertz, Washington Times

"I watched this… it looked like a commuter plane, two engined… come down from the south real low"

-Don Wright

"It just went "pfff". It wasn't what I would have expected for a plane that was not much more than a football field away from me."

-John O`Keefe

"I heard a very loud, quick whooshing sound… I was convinced it was a missile. It came in so fast it sounded nothing like an airplane."

-Lon Rains

"It was like a whoosh whoosh.

"we heard what sounded like a missile"

-Tom Seibert

"It sounded like a missile"

-Michael DiPaula

The top of the fuselage of the aircraft was no more than approximately 20 ft above the ground


The plane which sounded like the high-pitched squeal of a fighter jet, flew over Arlington cemetary so low that he thought it was going to land on I–395…


"While watching television reports of the Trade Center being hit, he saw a silver commuter jet fly past the window of his 14th-floor apartment in Pentagon City…

-Steve Patterson

"It was like a WHOOOSH whoosh, then there was fire and smoke, then I heard a second explosion"

-Kirk Milburn

"Buildings don't eat planes. That plane, it just vanished. There should have been parts on the ground… Where are the parts?"


"My mind could not comprehend what had happened. Where did the plane go?… But there was no plane visible"

-Christine Peterson

"Actually, there's considerable evidence of the aircraft outside the E ring. It's just not very visible."

-Lee Evey, Pentagon Renovation Manager

Hani Hanjour flew Flight 77 into the Pentagon


NOTHING is in sequence as it appears in the film.

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