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My favorite part of watching TV4

Tivo has been very very good to me. The one thing that I rely on it above everything else, and/or how I base my other recordings around it, is the news at 6:00. I set this series recording to start five minutes before and end two minutes afterwards, but today I noticed that my favorite part (of the six 0'clock news) was never being recorded because that begins at 5:50. The 5 0'clock news is an hour in length, and just before it starts rapping things up, ten minutes before the six 0'clock news, a preview of what's coming up at six is announced by one of the anchors (Henry or Ana). I love that part because of Ana, no doubt.

Today I made the adjustment to my Tivo so that it begins recording TV4 ten minutes before News at 6:00 begins.

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