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A song isn't just for download, it's to learn and convert into the heavymetal version

Music comes in many different formats and genres. Just as today's growing youth cannot grasp the concept of a time when cell phones didn't exist, music had it's own rules. Most of my friends were into hard rock bands verging on heavy metal, while I was still taking private piano lessons from a lady who taught strictly classical music. Let alone trying to groove to the music my friends said were cool tunes, one needed to have something to play it on. Around that time, the Walkman had made it's appearance at electronics' stores. The audio was so clear when my friends let me listen to it. But all I had was a rattly Sanyo tape player.

Even in today's vast market of MP3 collections, getting an official release of a song for a call tone/ringer, or in MP3 format can be a challenge because digital music libraries just don't have every song ever recorded in their collection yet. 1967 was the year the Monkees released She, and though I might have better luck downloading it on iTunes, I still have to look a bit harder to get it on my phone. My curiosity wouldn't cease after being teased about it in aubkabob entry This song has been freaking going thru my head for DAYS for some reason. Don't get your hopes up yet, the youtube video in that entry has been taken down.

I needed to hear that song because of the mysterious reporter mentioned in The girl with the dragon tattoo wherein Stieg describes her only as She of TV4. After only briefly researching that entry, did I satisfy my confusion. She may be a Swedish program on TV. It wasn't until two days of unsuccessful web surfing for a complete version of the song She that I came to realize the connection between the title of this song by the Monkees, and the entry in the Stieg Larsson novel. There is none. It's just me. Just the same, I found a free version of the song at but the weirdest thing happened. As I prepare to write this entry, I copy the url address linking to the song and try it out on a different computer. Error.

Again, my bewilderment gets the best of me and I must find a solution for the problem because it wasn't at all easy tracking down a complete version of the song. I don't know why my browser doesn't recognize the url, but I discovered that googling, or simply going to that url, a person can search within that site for "the monkees She" I don't remember whether it was a song included in one of the many TV episodes of the Monkees that I may have sat thru as a child, but I like the song. It has so many parallel truths about my outlook about stuff.
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