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Does a fire by natural causes exclude people living off the land

Soon a new library will be opening in the Silverlake area. I remember when I, and all my co-workers, moved into this new building back in January '3. It was so spacious in comparison to where we use to be allocated, but it was also obvious that all that extra space had robbed us of a backyard area. The landscapers had planted bougainvillea all around the brick wall separation. Because these plants were still small, the backyard area looked shabby. I was so spoiled, probably still am.

Now that the bougainvilleas have ample time to fill out, the place looks like a tree house with shading from the hot sun, and a natural canopy from the ghetto bird at night which might interrupt the sleep of a homeless person who's found a quiet little nook back there where he's attempted to store his dirty laundry, cardboard for bed cushioning against the sandy gravel, shopping carts, etc. Well, today I'm back there trimming some of that foliage because it's thriving wild and making it's way to the roof. Disgusted by some of the poop I almost step in, I take the bundles of thorny branches and place them where the homeless family had been setting up at night.

I don't do it to be mean, but it's disgusting the way they leave their trash behind. I also like the idea of having a private area at work where a person can retreat to for peace and solitude. I probably should've waited to work on it until the Station Fire burned out. The air quality outdoors is horrible.

The news was explaining on the radio that the fire is believed not to have been started by natural causes. The reporter goes on to describe a natural cause as being lightening. But I think the heat wave we've been experiencing could have started this fire. I dunno the scientifics of magnification, but if a coke bottle was left in the middle of a field of dry foliage, I wonder if the sun might be able to reflect off of the glass to magnify a ray of light onto a highly flammable weed. That, to me, would be a nature cause.

I couldn't help thinking what it would be like if Mount Wilson went up in flames and burned down all those radio towers. It seems to me that every known commercial entity is hurting right now with the economic straits. The investigation on the Station Fire might prove to be an interesting outcome. Could radio stations experiencing harsh cutbacks be trying to collect on insurance pay outs by burning down the radio towers?
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