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The 411 on home page hobbyists

Several sites have been helpful in my venture to build a homepage from the ground up. After dealing with learning the html of web building thru free homepage sites offered by various ISPs like AOL, att, geocities and tripod, I felt a need to learn the technical aspect of website building. The stuff people hear about but don't bother to get a full understanding of, like cookies, certificates, static IP address. It is a slow process and it took me years before I could finally access a small personal site hosted on an old PowerBook laptop that I rarely use. There is a certain sense of reward one feels after having accomplished such a obstacle with limited instruction.

They say you can learn almost anything by reading about it online. Two sites that really helped to figure out why my small wiki site was not being seen by the Internet at large were found by googling the proper search terms. It goes without saying that reading thick books is a prerequisite even if only 25% of the material is sinking in to your head. That's because the more familiar you become with keywords, even if you don't readily know their meaning, the easier it is to use them in a sentence to search out step-by-step procedures in whatever it is you're trying to do.

One of the sites that I'm still reading to try to tie up some loose ends is dslreports. I found interesting how the views of the troubleshooter asking for assistance felt that this type of technical know how is being kept under wraps from the general public for reasons of profiteering. In other words, blog servers and website servers like geocities provide free limited space for users to maintain their small existence to try to real them in as paying customers once they find out that they're going to need bigger hosting space and more sophisticated features. Last week, I had found a personal web page by somebody going by the user name Carlson, but the catch is that he used a number digit for the fourth letter of his name. The website is* and it was the very thing I needed to finally take the plunge to alter the settings on my DSL wireless settings to finally access my files remotely from any other computer with Internet access, regardless whether or not it is a computer accessing the web thru the local network.

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