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Bier de Stone

      Just writing a note to myself to remember this former cartoonist's (of LAWeekly) website Monday so I can track links to and from it using vista. Doesn't anybody remember Maxine from the 80's? She was my fav comic in LAWeekly, but back then the free tabloid was difficult to come by and her panel was irratic and hard to find. Here's a link to her site if you wanna go down memory lane. It appears that the creator of Maxine was honorably mentioned in the New Subversive Alternative Cartoonist Attitude II, edited by Ted Rall.
      Now I only read Underworld by Kaz (in LAWeekly). Why? I mean he obviously isn't as talented æsthetically as other illustrators. For one, I've seen his panels contain the ever popular "f" word, and two he doesn't abbreviate his "f" words like: f*ck, f**k, or f***, and lastly, before Underworld, I worked at a place with the wackiest lady. During that time, I stumbled onto a new author (somehow) who wrote material specifically for women—look up Kaz Cooke—I now consider Underworld to be the man's version of wackiness. Although, I will read some of Cooke's stuff like Little book of stress and The little book of dumb Feng-Shui if I can get my hands on them.

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